Pope Costume and Accessories

    Pope costume styles for papel visits. Pope costumes and costume accessories to wow the Vatican crowd. The Pope mobile and a costume is all you need for parade day. Special audiences amd politically charged sermons for the masses. Does the work load ever end? Keeping track of Bishops, Cardinals, Priests and Nuns can be quite taxing. For the leader of the christian world it's just another day at the office.

Pope Costume

Medium fullness in a nice style.
Heavy fabric for theatrical long
wear. Both include capelet and
matching skull cap.

Pope Costume (435L) $62

Cardinal (434L) $87

Glasses $3

Lg. Cross $4

Discount Pope Costume

Pope Costume

Pope Costume

White, heavy knit gown with capelet and hat.

Pope (3118) $78

Cardinal Costume

Medium weight red gown with full capelet
and gold accents. Comes complete with gold
fringe red sash and hat.

Cardinal (7213) $59

Deluxe Cardinal Costume

Pope Hat

Papel mitre in plush white and red velvet.
Our deluxe version ready for Vatican City.

Deluxe (6430) $22

His Holiness

    Full regalia in white, gold and red is perfect
for street side blessings and convertible waving.
Pulpit garnishing sashes over a gown, robe, over
robe, collar and a mighty impressive hat. Adult
standard size only.

(2726) $319

Bishop Costume

Official looking and a nice quality in black
and red accents. Knit poly gown with over
robe, belt and hat in a standard size.

(2226) $42

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